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Establishment type: Fast food
Palmyra kebab s.r.o.
Fast food Palmyra kebab s.r.o.
Mírové náměstí 4, 341 01 Horažďovice
Occurrence of insects
Occurrence of mould at the premises
Occurrence of mould on the walls
Strongly neglected cleaning
Filth on the floor
Corrosion of metal construction (shelves)
A&F Global Services  s.r.o.
Fast food A&F Global Services s.r.o.
Kanovnická 390/11, 370 01 České Budějovice
Occurrence of insects
Filth on the floor
Filth on shelves or equipment
Fast food FILIP RYSL
Mukařovského 1985/5, 158 00 Praha
Strongly neglected cleaning
Fouled kitchen equipment
Strong fouling of entire premises
Filth on the walls
Filth on the floor
Strongly fouled cooling equipment (no other storing premises available)
Trinelion Investment, s.r.o.
Fast food Trinelion Investment, s.r.o.
Horní Žďár 1, 363 01 Ostrov
Occurrence of mice excrements
Failure to protect premises against the access of pests
HESAK s.r.o.
Fast food HESAK s.r.o.
Zderazská 46, 153 00 Praha
Occurrence of mould on the walls
Fast food MIMO BOHEMIA, a.s.
stanice metra C Háje, 140 00 Praha 4
Unavailable warm water supply - hygienic cleaning of dishes and glass impossible
Unavailable running water supply
Unavailable warm water supply for washing hands