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State of the date 2/7/2022 2/7/2022
Offered food:


Website description:

Websites https://ljouojdw.blogaugust.com/ are in Czech language. The offered product can be purchased in CZK. Product against parasites Wortex is offfered on the websites.

What to watch out for:

1) There are neither Trade Terms, nor contact details on the websites, consumers thus do not know with whom and under which conditions they conclude the contract.

2) There are neither contact details on the websites (only in the Privacy Policy document, the company Make Profit is mentioned without any further specification and e-mail makeprofitlpp@gmail.com, however this company is not listed as the seller).  

3) The websites state that the offered product is a medicament, however, a foodstuff is concerned (food supplement).

4) Mandatory information on the offered foodstuff is missing on the websites concerned and unauthorised “medical” and health claims are indicated here in contradiction to legislation.

5) The operator of the websites uses unfair business practices.

6) Overall presentation may raise fears and insinuates that avoiding eating this food supplement may cause damage of health by various sorts of parasites.

7) Consumer fills an ordering form (name and phone number). He/she is then contacted by phone to confirm the order and to provide data necessary for the delivery of the consignment.

8) Internet domain blogaugust.com is registered outside the territory of the CR and the domain name holder is from Russia (https://www.whois.com/whois/blogaugust.com).

9) With regard to the fact that the websites are registered outside the territory of the CR and the entity administrating the domain mentioned above is probably outside the territory of the CR as well, activities of Czech supervisory authorities towards the operator of the websites are very limited.


Reference number: W22-000004-SZPI-CZ