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Tesco 8 Processed cheese creamy

Poor quality food Poland Retail Retail Archive record 8/25/2021
Place of inspection:
Písek (Nádražní 2590, 397 01 Písek)
IN: 45308314
Food group: Milk and milk products / Cheese
Tesco 8 Processed cheese creamy
Category: Poor quality food
Unsatisfactory parameter:
sůl (sodík x 2,5)

Výrobek obsahoval více soli, než bylo uvedeno na obalu.



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Batch: 0166/03/2
Best date: 24.09.2021
The amount of product in the package: 140 g
Country of origin: Poland
Date of taking the sample: 6/1/2021
Reference number: 21-000270-SZPI-CZ
Sample was detected by official control of Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority.